SaversPlanet Matrix Screensaver

SaversPlanet Matrix Screensaver

SaversPlanets Matrix Screensaver brings a new reality to your desktop
License type: Freeware

A different reality. An alternate world. A computer-generated reality. These concepts were introduced to us in the famous movie “The Matrix”. A very revolutionary concept which made many people stop and think about the world we live in. Is it real? Is it only in our minds?
SaversPlanets Matrix Screensaver brings a new reality to your desktop.

This peculiar screensaver is very different from what you might have already seen in this kind of programs. It will not show you breath-taking landscapes, or complex animation. It doesn’t include music, sounds or special effects. It will only show you what its name says: The Matrix.
But don’t expect to see a different reality. Do you remember the move? Do you remember when they talked abut the Matrix in front of a computer? Well, that’s what this is. It’s the well known computer screen with a black background and the famous green numbers and symbols just moving through the screen.

SaversPlanets Matrix Screensaver will show you thousands, or millions, of the little green numbers parading from top to bottom endlessly.

You won’t hear any music, or see anything else. Just the green numbers going on, and on.
I think it is a nice and interesting effect the first time you see it. But after a few minutes (or seconds), you will most likely start to get bored of watching them.

I agree that it might be a nice piece of conversation, but only for a few moments. I don’t think anybody will stay a long time watching your screen.

Fernando Soni
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  • Interesting effect in the beginning


  • After a few seconds it will be boring
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